©¸Market survey
  ©¸Supplier evaluation
  ©¸Supplier selection
  ©¸Contract-Legal assistance
  ©¸Supplier management
  ©¸Programs and deliveries
  ©¸Logistic and transportation
  ©¸Performances follow-up
ˇń Most of our customers have decided to subcontract the management of their suppliers to CHINA SOURCING, due to the geographical and cultural distance.

At CHINA SOURCING we can offer a full support, in order to insure the global performances of the suppliers selected,

ˇń This service will cover the following aspects :
ˇˇ - complete supply chain management
ˇˇ - engineering support and technical follow-up
ˇˇ - system and process quality audit
ˇˇ - technical translation and technical assistance
ˇˇ - process definition and investments follow-up
ˇˇ - samples and tooling follow-up

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