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Some special requirement can be discussed at the beginning of the market survey, normally our final report after about four weeks of study will give out the following valuable information:

ˇń Market situation of the commodity appointed
ˇń Representative suppliers we have contacted for the product appointed by the customer with introduction of each
ˇń Minimum two suppliers proposed among all the suppliers with detailed information including picture and result of plant audit.
ˇń Quotation of the suppliers proposed
ˇń Analyze the advantage and disadvantage of each supplier proposed
ˇń Recommendation according to the experience of China Sourcing

With these information, this 1st level of service will allow our customer the possibility to test the performance of CHINA SOURCING and the right to decide go on or not by result of the market survey. We give special offer to all our new customers, also welcome for your 1st demand.

Considering the confidentiality agreement signed with each of our customers, you should understand easily that it is impossible to present here some concrete reports of market surveys done by CHINA SOURCING.
Nevertheless, if you are interested, we could introduce for you some references, in order to let you appreciate the quality of the job done by CHINA SOURCING.

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