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At CHINA SOURCING, one of our strengths is the marketing approach for purchasing applications. This service has been our ambassador at the very beginning of our company by providing our customers a clear picture of the Chinese situation in front of their demands.

Key to a very successful market survey is the deep definition of the customer expectation. From our experience, more than 100 market surveys done till now, the customer should provide all the relevant information (specifications and drawings of the products, brief introduction of the final destination of the products, constraints and specific recommendationsˇ­)

In accordance with the typology of the product, CHINA SOURCING will conduct several approaches in order to cross and confirm the information collected on the market by using different networks, including some experts mandated by us, for screening a specific situation.

Our customer will be involved all along the process of the survey by receiving periodical report in accordance with the length of the study. Generally speaking for a normal case 4 weeks are necessary for CHINA SOURCING in order to be able to show to our customer a clear vision of Chinese market.

This 1st level of service will allow our customer the possibility to test the performance of CHINA SOURCING and the right to decide go on or not by result of the market survey, we give special offer to our new customer, also welcome for your 1st demand, all the team of CHINA SOURCING will demonstrate you our willingness and achievement.

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