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¡ñ CHINA SOURCING has developed a specific assistance to his customers in order to conclude their contracts and take the maximum of guarantees for avoiding any misunderstanding with the suppliers along the order finalization until the product delivery.

Transparency will be a basic principle for all business relations between our customers and the suppliers proposed by us. All our customers will have the direct contact with the supplier, you can visit the supplier to see the situation with your own eyes, orders will be placed without intermediary, CHINA SOURCING will be the back-up support whenever needed. Anyway we¡¯ll keep a totally transparent environment from the request for quotation until the contract conclusion.

¡ñ In addition of the contract assistance service, CHINA SOURCING has contracted several business lawyers for having a legal advice or solution in front of any difficulty. Don¡¯t hesitate to contact us if you feel far of CHINA without the right support, we are sure to be able to provide you the appropriate legal support for any case.

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